GLED Partners, located at heart of trade center of İstanbul, at the point where Asia and Europe meets, advises its local and foreign clients on company law, law on litigation and disputes, law of contracts, business law, real estate law and various fields of law, mainly being the project financing, follows closely the current problems and developments in all fields of law, carries out academic studies regarding determining, interpreting and resolving problems in commerce, business world and law world and develops applicable solutions by accurately analyzing needs of its local and foreign clients.

GLED Partners follows closely all current problems and developments in various aspects of law, particularly corporate and individual entrepreneurs, financial institutions and banks and provide outstanding and high standard legal assistance and represent our local and foreign clients in Turkey and in various regions of the world about their investments.

GLED Partners works with a team of experts, with in-depth experience and seniority in their own field of specialization, to provide legal counseling and representation services in accordance with principles of professional conduct and law and at the same time it carefully selects law apprentices to be a part of the team, assisting their development in the best way possible. Together with all associate attorneys, attorneys, law apprentices, counsels and solution partners, our office provides efficient consultancy services to its clients in respect of their legal transactions, disputes and trade relations.