GLED Partners ensures prevention of pecuniary losses and intangible damages that may arise from reputation loss, thanks to its follow-up mechanism requiring continuity and proficiency as this is a sensitive matter that should be addressed utilizing legal knowledge. Reputation management is a method of fighting against negative contents published on the internet and printed media about real and legal persons, and it involves protection and management of image in the virtual environment and printed media. Knowing the importance of reputation and image in social life and business world, our law firm serves as a shield against persons and organizations targeting personal image or business reputation with texts and images containing comments, opinions and contents lacking actuary aspects and infringing rights of reputable real and legal persons.

GLED Partners find tailored solutions in accordance with the legal and punitive practices particularly for determining whether the aforementioned acts exceed the limits of freedom of speech and filing applications for banning access and publishing official denials for the purpose of image and reputation management that gained importance rapidly with the increasing strength of the social media as well as the printed media in today’s world.