We provide clients with legal services concerning all kinds of preventive legal risk management, lawsuits, intermediation and arbitration at domestic and international levels. We also provide clients with counseling, intermediation, arbitration and dispute settlement services including commercial, labor, maritime, shareholder, real estate and tax disputes, and exequatur for court orders and arbitration orders adjudged by foreign authorities.

Our team of experienced and qualified lawyers provides legal counseling and risk management services to predict dispute risks and to develop legal measures to prevent such risks.

We take appropriate steps to reach amicable settlements for disputes, to protect clients’ commercial value and to ensure the parties to meet and negotiate a solution as soon and as cost-effective as possible; we do our best to solve disputes by peace, and we aim to achieve the best solution for each dispute. If a dispute cannot be solved by peace, we provide active counseling services by making a priority list of the client’s economic and business facts and develop efficient and fast solutions in favor of the client at the lawsuit stage.