GLED Partners provides legal counseling and advocacy service to its local and foreign clients operating in different sectors.

GLED Partners’ litigation team conducts proceedings and provides consultancy services in the field of commercial law. We assist our clients in all phases starting from the formation of a company on all aspects like capital financing, license agreements and commercial contracts, public and private offering, mergers&acquisitions, representing the company on routine operations until its liquidation if required.

GLED Partners offers wide range of services to its clients in relation with litigations and consultancy services carried out by our office today or in the past including responding to questions encountered during ordinary operations of the trading companies regarding its daily activities, issuing articles of association of the company, conducting all meetings of the company, preparing and commenting on all contracts that concern the company, providing legal counseling on all matters particularly staff recruitment, purchasing of goods and services, conducting litigations and follow-up processes working in cooperation with certified public accountants of the company in respect of finance law and tax law.